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The Processing Method of the Plate Rolling Machine and the Control Measures of the Common Factors

Ⅰ. What is the processing method of the plate rolling machine?

The plate rolling machine is a production equipment for bending and forming in the manufacture of steel frame structures. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a production method that suits your own equipment. Otherwise, the production and processing of goods will not meet their own regulations.

1. Under the action of the external force of the plate rolling machine, the surface layer chemical fibers of the thick steel plate are stretched, and the inner layer chemical fibers are reduced, resulting in bending deformation (the middle and high layer chemical fibers will not change). When the volume of the drum is relatively large, it can be rolled at room temperature. For example, when the radius is small and the thick steel plate is thick, the thick steel plate should be heated and then rolled.

2. There are three production and processing methods for rolling the thick steel plate at room temperature: mechanical equipment rolling, tire mold pressing and hand-made.

The bending of the plate on the plate bending machine is done according to the pressure difference that needs to be formed when the upper roller moves down. The production process of bending is realized by heat treatment or cold drawing. In order for the product to meet expectations, in addition to the working method of the uncoiler, the hot and cold production and processing methods must also be carefully selected.

Ⅱ. What are the control measures for the common factors of the rolling machine?

The plate bending machine is a general-purpose machine for bending metal sheet materials into tubular, arc or other shaped product workpieces. According to the basic principle of three-point concentricity, according to the relative position change of the product workpiece and the rotation fitness movement, the plate will cause continuous plastic deformation, and then the product workpiece of the predetermined shape will be obtained. The hot-rolled strip extrusion machine can cold-roll the sheet into circles, arcs, cones and other parts within a certain range. Widely used in shipbuilding, heating furnaces, airlines, hydropower engineering, chemical plants, metal components, machinery and equipment manufacturing and other fields.

Control methods for common risk sources in the work of the plate rolling machine:

1. The equipment of the plate bending rolling machine is connected to the grounding device, and the lighting fixtures use the working voltage.

2. Wedges and pins should not protrude from the surface.

3. Use common tools and wear protective glasses.

4. End safety bending equipment and material rack.

5. The parts should be stable and firm during transportation.

6. Immediately maintain the safety device of the extruder.

7. Effective selection of standard grinding wheels and loading cards.

8. Improve inspection, avoid violating regulations, and wear labor protection equipment.

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