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How is the Vibration Resistance of the Plate Rolling Machine? How to Improve Work Efficiency?

1. How is the vibration resistance of the plate rolling machine?

The plate bending machine uses the motor drive to process the chips quickly and to ensure the fast response of the vector control. Its structure uses air duct design, the fan is detachable, and the heat dissipation is good. How is the vibration resistance of this plate bending rolling machine equipment?

The anti-vibration ability of the process system of the plate bending rolling machine can significantly improve the anti-vibration performance of the machine tool by improving the rigidity of the process system, rationally arranging the natural frequency of the machine tool components, increasing the damping and improving the quality of the machine tool. To increase the damping tension of the process system is to select materials with large internal damping to increase the frictional damping between the various components of the process system. For example, the damping of cast iron is larger than that of steel, so the large supports such as the bed and the column are all cast iron. Increasing frictional damping between system components can be achieved by scraping and applying preload.

Reasonably arrange the azimuth angle of the three roll bending machine, the influence of modal coupling on vibration, and reasonably arrange the azimuth angle. Or the stability of the machine tool process system is not only affected by stiffness, but also by the stiffness ratio of various modes and their combination according to the modal coupling principle, thereby improving vibration resistance and restricting self-excited vibration. After the boring bar is flattened, the two mutually perpendicular mode shapes have different stiffnesses. It is decided to adjust the orientation of the cutter head on the boring bar so that the orientation opening can be found during cutting, which can effectively improve the vibration resistance of the process.

2. The method of improving the working efficiency of the plate rolling machine

With the rapid development of urban planning and construction, the plate rolling machine has been widely used in everyone's daily life, and its advantages have been recognized by everyone. In order to use it better, let's find out how to improve the efficiency of the plate rolling machine.

The plate bending machine has high working efficiency and long service life. In order to improve the working efficiency of the plate bending machine, it is necessary to check whether the plate bending machine and the connecting screws are loose, whether the belt tension is normal, and regularly clean the materials falling from the joint of the plate bending machine furnace. Check whether the bending machine is deviated, whether the joint connection is in good condition, and adjust and repair it in time. When the fire is not completely cleared at night, someone must be on duty when putting out the fire to prevent the fire from damaging the equipment. Mechanical maintenance personnel should add butter and oil to each component in time, and regularly check whether each machine has any abnormal sound. If it is found to be dealt with in time, it should be regularly checked whether each part is missing, and if it is found to be missing, it should be supplemented in time.

The above are the methods to improve the working efficiency of the plate rolling machine, and its various advantages have been widely used in many industries.

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