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Three-roll Plate Bending Machine Bending Processing Technology and Regulations

As we all know, a plate rolling machine is a device that uses work rolls to bend a plate. It can form parts of different shapes, such as cylindrical parts and conical parts. This is a very important processing equipment. Therefore, its bending process is a very important process technology in the work. So what is the processing technology of the 3 roll plate bending machine?

Ⅰ. Knowledge of bending processing technology of 3 roll plate bending machine

1. The processing of bending and forming in the production of steel structures is mainly to use a 3 roll plate bending machine to perform several processing methods such as rolling, bending, simmering, folding, and mold pressing on the steel structure;

2. The bending process is completed by hot working or cold working;

3. Rolling is a three-roll mill under the action of external force, which elongates the outer fibers of the steel plate and shortens the inner fibers, resulting in bending deformation, and the middle fibers remain unchanged. When the cylinder radius is larger, it can be rolled at room temperature. If the radius is small and the steel plate is thicker, the steel plate should be rolled round after heating;

4. There are three methods for rounding steel plates at room temperature by 3 roll plate bending machine: mechanical rounding, tire mould pressing and hand-made. Mechanical rounding is carried out on a 3 roll plate bending machine. The bending of the sheet on the equipment is achieved by the pressure generated by the upward movement of the rollers.

Ⅱ. Technical specification of three-roll plate rolling machine

The three-roll plate rolling machine has a compact structure and is easy to maintain. The output gear of the reduction box meshes with the lower grinding gear to provide torque for the rolled plate. What is the process specification of this kind of plate rolling machine?

The upper roller of the three roll bending machine moves vertically in the piston through the action of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder, and is located in a symmetrical position in the middle of the lower roller. A gear of the main reducer drives the gear of the lower roller to mesh and rotate, thereby providing torque for the rolling plate. The use of the three-roller plate rolling machine provides a lot of help for production and life. It is forbidden to stack workpieces and sundries in its workplace, so as to keep the machine tool and the site clean at any time.

1. High performance, full hydraulic drive, automatic welding;

2. The motor of the 3-roll plate bending machine has high power, high efficiency, fast delivery and various applications;

3. The high-strength material is exquisite, the structure is stable, the use is reliable, and the machine has a good effect;

4. The three-roll plate rolling machine has good protection, durability, long service life, beautiful appearance and stable machine performance.

5. The 3 roller plate bending machine has wide applicability and is suitable for boiler, chemical, mining, construction, shipbuilding and other machinery industries.

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