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What Do You Need to Know When Choosing a Plate Rolling Machine?

How to choose the tension of the plate rolling machine

When selecting a plate rolling machine, it is important to understand the main effects of excessive winding tension. Once the tension value is too large, it will affect the internal structure and organization, thereby increasing the motor capacity of the equipment. Of course, if the winding tension value is too small, it will affect product quality, and the steel strip may also run off. Therefore, from the above analysis, it can be seen that whether the winding tension is too large or too small, it will have a certain impact on the operation of the equipment.

Therefore, when choosing tension, one must consider it carefully. Especially in the design process, it is necessary to calculate according to the corresponding empirical formula, followed by confirmation based on the corresponding experience. Because if the plate rolling machine chooses an inappropriate tension during operation, a small tension will affect the effect, and a large tension will cause equipment damage, thereby affecting the quality of the processed product and the service life of the equipment. Therefore, choosing the appropriate equipment tension is critical.

What to consider when purchasing a plate rolling machine

Raw materials for the plate rolling machine: The material of the plate sheet will have a certain impact on the operation of the plate rolling machine. Therefore, when designing the product, rolling machine manufacturers will consider the material as a factor. The strength of the sheet, its brittleness after tempering, and the usage scenarios must all be taken into account. Since these are issues that manufacturers consider, users should consider them as well. When selecting, consider the characteristics of the processed sheet metal and choose the type of plate rolling machine that is best for this type of sheet metal, so that the most suitable equipment type can be selected from it.

After manufacturing the product, all manufacturers hope to achieve good sales. For this reason, they generally equip professional sales staff. During the selection, it is necessary to communicate with these sales personnel. It should be noted that many sales personnel exaggerate the advantages of the product in order to sell it, while avoiding mentioning the disadvantages. Choose manufacturers who truthfully introduce the characteristics of their products.

When consulting with sales staff about the product, it is also necessary to provide detailed information about the processed sheet metal, such as the material of the sheet metal to be processed, what shape it should be processed into, the thickness and width range of the sheet metal, the diameter of the processed cylindrical shape, the desired error to be achieved, etc. Only with detailed information can sales personnel recommend suitable products.

When processing sheet metal, there may be some special needs. When communicating with the manufacturer, you can see how meticulous their sales staff are. Good plate rolling machine manufacturers will understand and try to meet the various detailed requirements of their customers.

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