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Advantages of Bending Machines in Metal Manufacturing

Bending machine reduces waste of materials

Compared with other manufacturing methods, it is well-known that bending machine produces less waste of materials. The main driving force behind this is its ability to bend, cut, or shape metal sheets into precise parts. As it is usually computer numerical control (CNC), the bending process is usually automated. All its components - molds, punch heads, rolling carts - can follow a simple and effective well-set program. Taking this into account, the minimal waste produced allows operators and companies to complete bending machine operations in the fastest time possible. This greatly shortens the manufacturing cycle, reduces the cost burden on customers, and minimizes the need for secondary/post-processing of manufactured metal parts.

Internal manufacturing capability of bending machines

Having a bending machine allows companies to partially or completely transfer their internal manufacturing, especially in sheet metal bending or manufacturing. Internal production eliminates the need for offshore outsourcing (which is not only costly, but also cannot sustain demand). Companies do not need to hire third-party companies for metal manufacturing, just investing in advanced bending machines is cost-effective in the long-term, because the investment required for training is lower, and there is renewed focus on internal development.

Simple production techniques are still useful, but they are best supplemented with bending machines, which can perform multiple programming. Operators can define the machine’s parameters to execute the expected taper, material thickness, flange size, angle bending, internal radius, blank size, and more. Because the bending machine can perform a large number of functions, it is flexible enough to be used with different types of raw materials and sheet metal. In addition, companies can continuously propose various tool designs and prototypes as needed.

Automation of bending machines

According to requirements, bending machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. Nevertheless, all these machines are critical to improving part accuracy and reducing overall labor costs. Automation can complete tasks previously done manually faster. Bending machines are particularly helpful in this regard because they can speed up manufacturing processes, shorten delivery times, and even improve overall workplace safety. Companies that want to meet customer needs can rely on this type of equipment to improve productivity, production, and daily processes.

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