The First Intelligent Roll Forming System for Extra-large Wind Power in Chinascientific and Technological Achievements Review and Product Launch Successfully Held in EZHONG

On January 16, 2023, the "Review of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Product Launch of the First Domestic Large Wind Power Intelligent Roll Forming System", jointly organized by Hubei Forging and Press Association and Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co. Mr. Qi Junhe, the supervisor of China Forging and Press Association, Mr. Rao Wei, the deputy director of Ezhou Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Hong Jie, the deputy director of Ezhou Economic and Information Bureau, Mr. Cai Ringsheng, the secretary-general of Hubei Forging and Press Association, and the relevant leaders and experts of Echeng District Development, Reform and Economic Information Bureau of Ezhou City attended this meeting.

Product Launch

In August 2022 Hubei Heavy Duty Company, on behalf of Chinese brand, competed with many world famous coilers manufacturing companies such as Swiss Haeusler and Italian DAVI in the international market, and finally won the tender for 200X4500 fully hydraulic three-roller coil system successfully. The system has a maximum rolled steel plate thickness of 200mm, width of 4500mm and a maximum press down force of 4500 tons. The machine is equipped with three-roller fully driven transmission system, adjustable center distance system, fully automatic plate alignment device, 35m fully automatic conveying roller conveyor, top side support automatic deflection correction system, the maximum roll diameter of 12m, equipped with EPS system accuracy of one thousandth, which is the most advanced model with the highest technology content and automation in the field of offshore wind turbine tower winding system in the world. In the global market belongs to the extra-large coiling machine, the product is a stage achievement in the process of continuous innovation of Hubei Heavy Equipment Company, boosting the development of China's offshore wind power business, the national brand to the world.

The expert group of the evaluation meeting consisted of five experts: Professor Yi Xianzhong from Changjiang University, Professor Jin Junsong from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Liu Xing from Wuhan University of Technology, Director Liu Guoping from CSIC Wuhan Heavy Industry (471) and Director Luo Cheng from Wuhan Huadian Engineering Equipment Co. reached the overall international advanced, part of the international leading.

Product Launch

Mr. Liu Zhigang, Chairman of Hubei Heavy Duty Company, firstly expressed his sincere thanks and high respect to all the leaders and experts for their arrival! It is not easy to compete with many international famous brands in the international market and finally succeed in winning the bid of 200X4500 fully hydraulic three-roller coiling production line project in UAE, which is the result of all staffs' hard work over the years. The company will follow the national policy and the pace of the times, adhere to the innovation and practice of a milestone, in the international forging equipment market is still dominated by European brands today, Hubei Heavy Equipment will take this as an incentive, firm confidence, and strive to strengthen, break the Western technical barriers, actively participate in international competition, to help domestic brands to occupy a place in the international forging market!

Product Launch

Mr. Qi Junhe, Chairman of the Supervisor of China Forging and Press Association, highly praised the evaluation result and said that the project is the honor of the enterprise, the pride of the industry, and the pride of the country! We hope that China Forging and Press Association and Hubei Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain in-depth communication and close cooperation in the future, to jointly meet the needs of high-quality development of China's metal forming industry and seek their own new development!

Product Launch

Rao Wei, director of Ezhou Science and Technology Bureau, and Hong Jie, director of Ezhou Economic and Information Bureau, extend their warm congratulations to Hubei Heavy Equipment Company for the success of this product launch! Accelerate the development of equipment manufacturing, is the way to cultivate new momentum of China's economic growth, is a strategic choice to seize the high ground of future economic and technological development, to promote the supply-side structural reform of the industry, to create a new competitive advantage in the industry, to achieve a strong manufacturing country has important strategic significance.

Hubei Heavy Equipment Company in the field of heavy equipment system as a star enterprise in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, the event was held in the city and even the whole industry to set a benchmark, to promote the city's heavy equipment manufacturing has made a great contribution!

Product Launch

Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. is the former designated manufacturer of heavy forging and shaping equipment such as coiling machines and leveling machines for the Ministry of Machinery, the company focuses on the research and development of high-end intelligent metal forming equipment, in recent years, it has won the Hubei Province Specialized Special New "small giant" enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, is the vice president of the Hubei Forging and Press Association unit. The company has a strong technical team, joint key institutions and research institutes set up Hubei Intelligent Forming Equipment R & D Center, deep plowing new energy forming equipment and new materials forming equipment in two key areas, for marine engineering, nuclear power, construction machinery, new energy, new materials and other fields to provide the overall solution for the forming equipment manufacturing industry.

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