EZHONG's 50/4500 50/4500 Ultra Wide Thick Plate Large Nine Roller Leveler

In September 2022, Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD and Zhenjiang Co., Ltd. signed an order for a set of 50X4500 large leveling machines. The maximum leveling thickness of this equipment is 50mm, and the maximum leveling width is 4500mm, which is one of the largest leveling machines in China in recent years.

The machine adopts the most advanced patented technology of full main drive system and patented technology of adjustable side rollers. In the case of the original unevenness of the composite sheet, the machine is easy to feed and fully deform the composite sheet, relieve stress, and finally achieve the purpose of sheet leveling.


Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD is an innovative technology company established after the restructuring of the original Hubei Heavy Machinery Group. It gathers the marketing, production and technical core talents of the original company as the company's operation team, adopts a new operation mode, and recreates miracles.

Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD mainly develops and manufactures metal forming machines such as fully hydraulic horizontally lowered three-roll plate rolling machine, full hydraulic four-roll plate rolling machine, high-strength steel leveling machine, composite sheet leveling machine, marine rolling machine, etc. equipment.

The equipment is mainly used in national strategic fields of basic industries such as wind power, metallurgy, bridges, petrochemicals, ships, military industry, and aerospace. At present, we have served key large state-owned enterprises such as China Railway, CCCC, CIMC, CSSC, China North Industries Group Corporation, as well as XCMG, Liugong, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD., ZOOMLION, SUNWARD and other domestic construction machinery giants.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of wind power equipment and photovoltaic equipment parts in China. With continuous technology development, strict quality control, precise production technology and effective management, the company has successively cooperated with Siemens, GE, Kongsberg, ATI and other world-renowned enterprises, as well as Shanghai Electric (SH: 601727), TBEA (SH :600089), Sungrow (SZ:300274) and other well-known domestic listed companies have established good cooperative relations.


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