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EZHONG Designed And Manufactured W12-12*8000 Four-Roll Plate Bending Machine For Full-Automatic Tank Car

EZHONG designed and manufactured a W12-12*8000 four-roll plate bending machine for a full-automatic tank car for Shandong MasterCard Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The thickness range of plate bending is 2.5 mm-12 mm; Maximum processable tank length: 8000mm; Fully automated processing saves manpower, improves processing efficiency, and reduces processing risk coefficient. This ezhong plate bending machine that fully equipped with tank car processing and manufacturing capacity is a right-hand man in the tank car manufacturing industry! 

4 Roll Bending Machine

The full-automatic 4 roll plate bending machine designed and produced by EZHONG is equipped with a "full-automatic four-roller plate bending machine control expert" system with a high degree of automation, high processing precision, and low labor cost. Widely used in shipbuilding, hydropower, boilers, chemical industry, pressure vessels, mechanical processing, and other fields.

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