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Precision Parts Leveling Machine Exported To Russia By EZHONG

EZHONG forgings and exports the productions site of precision parts leveling machine of Hitachi group company in Russia, EZHONG leveling machine is suitable for leveling various cold and hot rolled plates and workpieces. The processed plates include carbon steel plate, stainless steel, tungsten molybdenum plate, aluminum plate, titanium plate, nickel plate, copper plate, tantalum, niobium, and other rare precious metals. 

The company plate leveling machine has complete specifications, various varieties, reasonable structure, advanced technology, convenient and simple operation. It is used in shipbuilding, locomotive and rolling stock, boiler, bridge, metal structure, military industry, aerospace, and other high-strength sheet metal industries. WM43 Precision Parts Leveling Machine is mainly used for the precision leveling of parts and plates. The roller system is reasonable, the precision is stable, and the leveling precision is high, less than 0.3mm/m². It can level honeycomb plates, grid plates, and other special-shaped parts in batch.

Plate Leveling Machine

Plate Leveling Machine Control System

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