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The Site Used By South Korea E&G Steel Co., Ltd. For EZHONG Plate Shear Line

EZHONG cross shear line for medium and heavy plates designed and produced by Korea E&G steel co., ltd is mainly composed of feeding trolley, uncoiler, feeder, leveler, plate shearing machine, conveying and palletizing, etc. 

At the same time, this CNC plate rolling machine can be equipped with rough straightening, fine straightening, trimming, longitudinal shearing, movable shearing, film covering, and other functional equipment according to the requirements of users. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, protection of panel surface, high degree of automation, etc. The performance index of the 6 ~ 19 mm t× 900 ~ 2000 mm w× 35 ton× 0 ~ 40 m/min uncoiling leveling crosscutting production line represents the highest level in China and is highly recognized by Korean customers.

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