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EZW43RT-201450 11-Roll Heat Straightening Machine

EZW43RT-20*1450 11-roller heat straightening machine designed and manufactured by EZHONG for China Pangang Group, the introduction is as follows:

1. Heat straightening machine performance parameters.

1 )The main straightened plate is titanium alloy, thickness: 220(25) mm.

2)Width: 6501350 mm.

3)Length: 6005000 mm.

4)Weight: 12.1450kg.

5)Temperature: ≤800℃.

6)Yield strength (MPa) ≤ 900.

2. The main straightening products introduction:

1)Heat straightening machine: straighten the plate after hot rolling to eliminate the stress of the plate and improve the straightness of the plate.

2)Composition of equipment: The heat straightening machine is composed of the body of the heat straightening machine, the main transmission device, the roller changing device, the electrical transmission and control system, the hydraulic lubrication system, etc.

3)Heat straightening machine body: Including frame assembly, pressing device, movable beam assembly, straightening roller assembly, backup roller assembly, inlet and outlet guide plate device, shaft bracket, on-machine piping, etc.

3. User Profile

Pansteel Group Jiangyou Great Wall Special Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Panchangte Company), located in Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, is a special steel enterprise under Ansteel Group. It is a pilot test base for advanced steel materials and special steel, a national key JG supporting enterprise, and a key enterprise of "third-line construction".

The thin plate production line in workshop 304 of the forging and rolling plant of Panchangte Company is one of the only two high-end special steel JP sheet sheet production lines in China. It mainly produces superalloy, military, new test, titanium and titanium alloy sheets, sheet rolling . There are many product specifications and varieties, and the product has high added value.

Roll Heat Straightening Machine

Roll Heat Straightening Machine

Roll Heat Straightening Machine

Roll Heat Straightening Machine

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