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Bearing Maintenance and Static Electricity Elimination Techniques for Plate Rolling Machines

Plate rolling machine is a device used for bending and shaping metal sheets. It uses external forces such as hydraulic and mechanical forces to make the working wheel move, thereby bending or rolling the metal sheet. Bearings are an important component of it. What are the maintenance methods of plate rolling machines?

1. Bearing maintenance methods of plate rolling machine

Plate rolling machine is a continuous point bending forming machine with various functions for rolling sheets, which can produce sheets of different shapes. When using the mechanical equipment, suitable and accurate installation tools should be used, and special matching tools should be used as much as possible to avoid using short fibers and other items on clothes. During installation, punching is not allowed, and hitting bearings directly with hammers is not allowed. Force should be transmitted through rolling elements. Keep the machine bearings and surrounding environment clean. Invisible dust entering bearings can increase bearing wear, vibration and noise.

To prevent bearings of plate rolling machine from rusting, when holding bearings directly by hand, sweat should be completely washed off and coated with grease before use. During the rainy season, attention should be paid to the rust prevention of rolling bearings, which is an important component of the plate rolling machine and can also prolong the operating time and service life of the bearings. Hoses are used to ensure appropriate length, minimal wear, and to avoid machine operation during serious bending deformation. Adjust screws, handwheels, locking nuts, etc. Hydraulic components should be non-destructive. The excitation table should be arranged reasonably for easy observation. The inspection process of hydraulic elevators should be operated according to the correct steps and requirements, and should adapt to specific situations. Rolling machine adopts air duct design, and the fan can be easily removed with good heat dissipation. When in use, attention should be paid to the protection of its bearings, especially.

2. What are the methods for eliminating static electricity of plate rolling machine?

With the decrease of autumn rainfall, facilities and equipment are prone to generate static electricity, which may cause fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, enterprises should do well in the detection and monitoring of ground wire circuits for facilities and equipment to avoid generating static electricity or accelerate static electricity release, and prevent accidents caused by static electricity, resulting in personal injury and property damage.

The main methods for eliminating static electricity of plate rolling machine are two: one is to create conditions for accelerating static electricity leakage or neutralization, and the other is to control the process, namely, to limit the generation of static electricity.

The first method includes two methods, leakage method and neutralization method. Grounding, humidification, and adding anti-static agents belong to the leakage method, and using induction-type static eliminator, radiation-type static eliminator, and ion current-type static eliminator belong to the neutralization method. Generally, companies adopt grounding measures.

The second approach is the process control method, which includes measures taken in material selection, process design, equipment structure, and operation management.

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