Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD.
Hubei Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD.

Top-tier comprehensive service provider


Hubei Zhongzhuang Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. is leveraging its strengths in the research and manufacturing of large-scale mechanical equipment to drive new progress in projects, striving for a strong start in the first quarter, and accelerating the construction of a top-tier comprehensive service provider for high-end heavy equipment in central China. Inside the production workshop of Hubei Zhongzhuang Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd., a busy scene of production unfolds. Workers are intensively installing and debugging the equipment products under production. Several brand-new advanced heavy-duty hydraulic plate rolling machines are about to be delivered to customers in the Middle East and Europe. "This is a 120mm heavy plate rolling machine, valued at close to 7 million RMB. After testing, we will soon deliver it to our customers in Iran." (Production Manager: Jiang Lan)


Hubei Zhongzhuang Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly researches and develops various products such as plate rolling machines, sheet leveling machines, profile bending machines, and presses, which are sold to Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, and exported to Iran, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and other places. In January and February of this year, it presented a favorable production trend, with a total order amount reaching 15 million RMB, a 10% increase compared to the same period in 2023, with foreign trade orders amounting to 2 million RMB. In 2024, the company strives to achieve an annual export earning of 6 million USD and a domestic sales revenue exceeding 70 million RMB. "Recently, our country has introduced a new round of large-scale equipment renewal policies, which should have a good driving effect on our heavy machinery and enterprises. We believe that domestic demand will further increase, and at the same time, we are targeting the international market, further enhancing our supporting services for heavy equipment along the Belt and Road Initiative. We will exert dual efforts in production and sales, and we believe we will do better than last year." (Chairman: Liu Zhigang)

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