Daily Maintenance and Upkeep of Sheet Leveling Machine

Understanding the daily maintenance of sheet leveling machine

  • When performing maintenance on the sheet leveling machine, it is important to regularly add lubricant or rust-proof oil to the mechanical parts, exposed components, and easily rusted transmission parts. The transmission parts, such as gears and chains, need to be lubricated with yellow grease every fifteen days.

  • Furthermore, the leveling rollers of the machine need to be cleaned regularly. Dust and unclean raw materials in the factory may cause the rollers to become dirty, leading to contamination or scratches on materials during the leveling process, resulting in non-conforming products.

  • In the daily maintenance of the sheet leveling machine, it is important to always prioritize personal protection, as cleaning can be dangerous. Professional operators should perform cleaning and maintenance operations in accordance with specified regulations.

That summarizes the essential knowledge of the daily maintenance of the sheet leveling machine. It is essential to recognize the importance of maintenance and learn appropriate maintenance methods. For more detailed information, please consult our official website. There are many types of sheet leveling machines in the market, and learning about their different brands and models' effectiveness can aid in making informed choices.

Reasons behind the motor burnout of the sheet leveling machine

There are several reasons behind the motor burnout of the sheet leveling machine:

  • The thickness of the materials being leveled exceeds the specified range of the sheet leveling machine. This increases the motor's load and may cause the leveling rollers to jam, leading to long-term operation and motor burnout.

  • If the feeding area between the material rack and the sheet leveling machine is too long, the heavy movement of the material rack will overload the leveling machine, causing the motor to overheat and burn out.

  • If the material feeding rack does not have a power source, the sheet leveling machine will need to pull and unwind the materials, increasing the motor's load and causing it to burn out over time.

  • Iron chips inside the gear transmission part can cause the gears to jam or malfunction, frequently leading to motor burnout in the sheet leveling machine.

  • Excessive wear and tear to the roller bearings in the sheet leveling machine can cause poor transmission, increasing the motor's load and leading to frequent burnouts.

These five reasons can cause the motor of the sheet leveling machine to burn out. By considering these issues, users can identify the root cause of motor burnout and replace it accordingly, preventing similar issues from happening again. We hope that this knowledge can help you in practice.

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