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EZXW11S-160×3500 Full Hydraulic Micro-control 3 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

The machine is adjustable center distance, electro-hydraulic control drive structure, the upper roller right bearing seat and the main oil cylinder are connected by a pin shaft, just remove the connecting bolt, it can be pulled out axially, and the roller change work can be completed quickly.

The electrical system adopts the intelligent high-speed PLC produced by the German "Siemens" company and the corresponding input and output modules, and intelligent industrial control integrated machine. The all-in-one LCD monitor also has a touch function. The displacement sensor adopts the American "MTM" magnetostrictive displacement sensor to detect the position to ensure the position accuracy of the upper roller and the monitoring of the upper roller position. The pressure sensor is used to set and monitor the pressure in the upper and lower chambers of the master cylinder. This configuration has been proved in the long-term supporting process of each user: it has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long service life, shock resistance and stable operation, and is suitable for industrial environments such as humidity, high temperature, vibration, welding, and open air.

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